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For Neck Pain Our Pillows Are The Best
Tri Core Pillow
Our premier, fiber-filled support pillow is the highest quality cervical support pillow available. As you sleep, this pillow cradles your neck in its most natural and neutral position. The down-like feel of this pillow provides lasting freshness, excellent support and superior pillow life. Designed for either back or side sleeping. Fits standard pillow case.

This layered Memory Foam Pillow promotes proper sleeping posture. The improved memory foam top conforms to your head giving a soothing, customized fit. The resilient foam base provides therapeutic value. Removable plush fabric cover included. 18"x13" (46cm x 33cm) 
Sleep as well when traveling as you do at home with the Memory Travel Core. This Travel Pillow is compact size allows you to easily fit it into your suitcase, yet still achieve the comfort you need. Use while sitting (lobes down) or lying down (lobes up or down). Made with 100% viscoelastic foam. Memory Foam responds to body heat to better conform to the unique shape of your head and neck. Help to comfortably stabilize an existing condition.

A Bed Wedge is a popular addition to a comfortable bed.  Elevates the upper body or legs. Also help treat the symptoms of hiatal hernia and reflux disorders. covered with a cotton/poly blue cloud fabric. 
7" high with a 16" lift.           
Bucketseat Backrest
This version of our popular Sitback Rest Backrest is shaped to fit snugly against bucketseats to maximize comfort and support while driving. Covered with a durable fabric cover. Firm support. 13"x14" (33cm x 36cm)
Positioning belt included
Adjust the level of support with the squeeze of the hand pump. A durable air bladder encased in a breathable foam pad cover for comfort. Straps easily to any chair for proper positioning (positioning belt included). Blue 
Massagers, Traction, Hot and Cold Therapy
This Professional Grade Massager has been making bodies feel better since 1966. Practical and economical, the original Jeanie Rub delivers consistent and invigorationg 3240 rpm of massaging action with the flip of a switch. Provides deep-penetration action that safely relaxes tight muscles and stimulates circulation for all body types. Ideal for personal health fitness and sports massage.

This Cervical Traction System helps restore proper cervical curve.  Effective, affordable and convenient. System contains foam roll, adjustable head harness and soft-sided weight bag. Consult your healthcare professional before using this product.
This Variable Speed Massager version of our Jeanie Rub allows you to vary the speed of the massager from 1400 to 4600 rpm. Lower speeds deliver a more soothing massage while faster speeds are more invigorating. Features an easily adjustable switch placed conveniently near you finger tips. Provides deep-penetrating action that safely relaxes tight muscles and stimulates circulation for all body types. Ideal for personal health, fitness and sports massage.

Traditional hot and cold packs for treating strains, sprains, tendinitis and other injuries.  Soft "frost-free" cover. Store in freezer until needed. Heat in microwave. Non-toxic, biodegradable  gel.
Various sizes. 
Prices run from $8.95-$19.95

When can I see the results?

Results varies from one person to another along with how much larger your penis will get (read more). Extenze should work right away. If not, you just have to be patient because like other medicines, the absorption period or the effectivity of the product varies on every individual. We recommend that you take the pills for 12 weeks, for results to be permanent.On the contrary, once you have achieved your desired results, you can already discontinue using the product. Extenze pills are guaranteed to be effective or you’ll have a money back guarantee!

Help prevent back injury by lightening the effective weight of your load with
AirPacks System packs.
AirPack Backpacks help relieve pain by reducing back stress up to 80%.
Transfer wiehgt from shoulders to lower back.
Lighten the effective weight of the pack up to 50%.
Promote and upright standing position and healthy posture. Provide revolutionary comfort and support.
Comes in three sizes.  For elementary school children, middle school, high school and college.
Prices $49.95 - $59.95

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is proud to guarantee your satisfaction with every product you purchase.  We understand the importance of comfort. Therefore, if you are unhappy with any product for any reason, we will do whatever is necessary to make your relationship with Core Products a pleasant one. All Core Products have a Guarantee of Satisfaction